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Pa Tuan Chin Ch'i Kung &
'Wellspring' T'ai Chi Ch'uan

International Instrauctor Training Courses

being held in Cambridge, England, UK
Sat/Sun 16/17th April 2005

Interested in becoming a Pa Tuan Chin Qigong qualified and recognised UK, USA or European instructor?

TTT Training Courses 2005

New: Jingquan Style Taijiquan

Your chance to learn this amazing Chinese Taoist Art>
Taijiquan is known to help many illnesses, make regular practitioners stronger, more relaxed, focused and have better posture, amongst many other beneficial side-effects for illnesses such as arthritis, high blood pressure, stress or anxiety, etc, etc, etc.

First ever UK workshop teaches in great detail:
March 12/13th in Cambridge UK.

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