Personal Fitness Training
for Lisa Symonds

My Story by Ian Moore - November 2007

Having had type 1 diabetes from the age of 6 (now 29 years), I like so many people, just carried on living my life as I thought was healthy enough. It was only on one of my regular visits to the diabetes centre two and a half years ago, that I was informed quite abruptly that I would be lucky to make it to 50, and if I did, would probably be suffering from blindness to in the most extreme case, limb loss. I wasn't in my eyes that much over weight and unfit, but obviously I was. It was about this time that I met Lisa, and looking back now, she really has given me a second chance at life.

At 5'7" I weighed 13 stone, which meant my body mass index (BMI) was 30, which put me into the obese category. I always thought I was an active individual, but my diet was not good and for someone with diabetes, it is especially important to watch what you eat. First step for me was to tackle the diet, so overnight I put my diet into Lisa's hands and became vegetarian, which is also very beneficial to a diabetic. After about 2 weeks, I began to embark on a weight training regime with Lisa, 2 times a week, and after only 2 months my BMI had dropped to 27.

A following 2 - 3 months into my training, I began to do something I always said I wouldn't do in a million years, and took up running. Me running, that would be the day. Very gentle and slow to start with, it slowly grips you as you become fitter and faster. After about 6 months I was up to 6 miles, which was incredible for someone who hadn't run since they were at school some 15 years previous. Well, I progressed slowly at first with my running, with Lisa's progressive guidance, knowledge and valuable encouragement, I began to see some very positive signs.

Two and a half years on from where I started, I now weigh 9 stone and have a BMI of 20. I have completed many half-marathons and now run on average 25 miles a week, along with my two weight training sessions in between. This would not have been possible without Lisa, who really has given me a positive and healthy future for many years to come. Her help for me was priceless, but you have to adhere to her advice to get the results, which for me, was healthy life beyond 50. I will never forget the evening I saw Lisa loading her running shoes into her car and asked her where she was going, 'to Thetford, to run 5 miles in the forest she said. My reply was 'rather you than me'. Little did I know how much I would come to love my training and the time and effort Lisa has put into my future, how can you ever repay somebody for saving your life.

Linda Thursby
March 2007

10 minute mile you have got to be joking......

This was the challenge that Lisa laid down for me. What did she think I was, Speedy Gonzales. Speed was not my thing, a gentle plod was more like it.

Lisa came round and together we would run a 3 mile circuit. Some days she was very kind but some days I was pushed to my limit. This is something I could not do by myself. But each week the speeds improved and even one week I knocked 2 minutes off a mile. But I still had not done a 10 minute mile. 10.16 was my best and 10.24 comfortably.

The challenge was to join Lisa at the end of her 26 miles but at a pace of 10 minute a mile. I completed the 2 miles and at the correct pace. I was so chuffed with myself and also for the great support that the whole group gave each other and Lisa.

Lisa certainly knows how to get the best out of people. I am now wondering what the next challenge will be.


Peter Knowles
June 2006

I have been training with Lisa for about 3 months now.

I started out almost unable to walk upstairs without getting out of breath. I have been moderately overweight for some time now and for even longer have never felt particularly keen to exercise and certainly not eager to run for any distance.

All of this has changed. I am extremely grateful to Lisa for the training programmes that she has created for me. So far I have lost 2 stone in weight and exchanged body fat for muscle.

Lisa has quietly encouraged me to make changes to my diet, which I feel has improved my overall health. She motivates me to exercise daily. She gently increases the workouts that we do together, to keep me blissfully unaware that I am actually lifting more.

Last week in four sessions I ran almost 25 miles, this is something that I never dreamt I would be able to do.

Anyone thinking that it's not for them really needs to think again.

Your work has been wonderful.

A very big thank you.

Debi Hanley
May 2006

In September I will turn 40 and instead of feeling depressed about it I intend to enter my forties with great gusto and positivity, with my mantra to be fit and 40! and with Lisa Symonds help I intend to achieve just that, not only that but with Lisa's incredible support, motivation and enthusiasm I intend to throw myself out of an aeroplane, hopefully attached to a rather attractive man, to carry out a tandem skydive.

Lisa makes health and exercise fun and enjoyable and helps you believe you can achieve what ever you set out to achieve, something very close to my own heart. She creates programmes that allow you to feel success and wanting to achieve more.

Lisa is a truly inspirational and supportive fitness coach who I am very much looking forward to falling out of an aeroplane with in.

Alyson Ross
January 2004 - 2006

I have a fairly busy and hectic life as most people have… a family, senior management job and studying for a doctorate. After many years of bouncing up and down with my fitness and weight I decided in January 2004 that I would find a personal trainer. I had a goal of being able to run 5 miles and felt I needed a lot more support than I would get at the gym, having never run before. My husband did a search on the net to find local personal trainers and found Lisa’s details. He emailed and Lisa got in touch within the day. Lisa was very approachable and supportive from day one. She arranged to come around and talk to me at home about what I wanted to achieve and my fitness levels. She then arranged a session a week for me that suited my work/family situation.

After only 5 weeks of training I found out that I was pregnant. Lisa was very supportive and positive and made me confident that I would still succeed.

Lisa continued to produce session plans that were appropriate to my phase of pregnancy whilst monitoring my heart rate the whole time. As a result my fitness in certain aspects continued to improve during my pregnancy. I actually did my last session the day before giving birth to my full term healthy baby daughter. I am convinced that this contributed to my ability to have a relatively short labour with no drugs.

Lisa got me to concentrate on pelvic floor exercises during my pregnancy and produced a comprehensive rehabilitation focused exercise plan for me to begin the day after giving birth, going through the exercises with me a few weeks before I gave birth. Again I am convinced this helped with my recovery after birth and speedy return to full exercise sessions. After the 6 week break from training Lisa again began developing an escalating training programme which enabled me to start running again a couple of months after giving birth. Within 7 months I was able to jog the entire Race For Life and within 2 months after that I had run 5 miles – my goal!

Lisa also organizes a number of fun events for her clients which I and others enjoy greatly. Certainly for me it gets me out and about doing things that I am unlikely to do off my own accord. I would recommend Lisa to anyone, as she is a great personal trainer.

Yours sincerely, Alyson Ross

Sarah - aged 37
Housewife and mother with two young children
Personal Training client from September 2000 to April 2001

I would like to say that I have been thoroughly impressed by your professionalism throughout. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending your services to anyone I know. If I were to win a lottery I genuinely would employ you 3 times a week. It has been good for me to get a push into a healthier way of living. Thank you for all your help and advice these past months. P.S. It was very funny in places too!!

Cindy - Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
Personal Training client from February 2001 to July 2002

A year and a half ago, I wanted to get fit. My initial motivation to employ Lisa as my Personal Trainer was to make me exercise. It is all to easy to have a thought or a desire and not act on it. I thought at the time I would work with her for a short time. I even imagined we would do the same thing every week. It amazes me how wrong I was.

Getting fit involves a great deal more than just lifting your leg or attempting a sit up. Lisa has taught me so much about my body, my muscles, and the way I carry myself, my diet as well as my focus. Writing this now I feel so fortunate to have her as my trainer not only because of her own dedication to her work but also because she has provided me with knowledge and understanding that I will always draw on.

It is a common thought that we exercise to loose weight. Although this is an extra bonus exercise is really about respecting your body and creating routines that support good health. Exercising is about health. Lisa's training incorporates so much more than just technique. She is a most professional instructor and is able to guide individuals along a path to well being.

Exercise about fitness.

I feel so fit and healthy. I am aware of the strength of my muscles and how they are supporting me. It is a wonderful feeling to feel your own strength. I have enjoyed my time with Lisa. Although she would always push me a bit further, there was never a time I did not look forward to our appointment. Lisa is a very valuable person to have at your side. She puts a great deal of attention in planning your session together and each week the exercises change, progressing as I do.

Recently I find myself attenting exercise classes at a fitness club. Because of Lisa's teaching I am aware of the right way to exercise and as I look around me I see so many people who do not know the proper way to squat or do a sit-up. Technical knowledge is important as you can actually do lots of exercise and get very little results, all because you are doing it the wrong way. In this Lisa is very attentive. She watches intently and will point out even the smallest adjustment that needs to be checked. As we often worked with free weights this attention to detail is incredibly important for safety reasons. Lisa in not just about telling you to exercise. She is showing you how.

Looking back now and feeling my fitness and my strength I am very glad of my decision to employ a professional to help me. I would recommend Lisa without any hesitation what so ever. If you are thinking you want to lose weight or get fit, treat it like any other need for knowledge. After all, you would not want to learn how to drive and just hop in the car and start driving. Call on a professional. Lisa is exactly that, you too will have no regrets.

Cindy Hurn
5 August 2002